Undercover Bombshell: Biden Admin’s Secret Plan to Flood U.S. with Criminals Exposed

In a revelation that has ignited a firestorm of controversy, explosive undercover footage released by Project Veritas is lifting the veil on what many have dismissed as mere conspiracy theories. The video captures a State Department official, Dan Fitzgerald, candidly discussing the motivations behind the Biden Administration’s immigration strategies. Brace yourselves, because this is about to get sensational.

The footage, which has sent shockwaves through political circles, shows Fitzgerald admitting that the Biden regime is knowingly allowing criminals into the United States as part of a wider strategy to alter the country’s demographics. According to Fitzgerald, this isn’t just an oversight or a failure in policy—it’s a deliberate move.

For years, the so-called ‘Great Replacement Theory’ has been circulating among critics who claim that white populations in Western countries are being systematically replaced by immigrants and people of color. This theory has often been labeled as extremist or xenophobic. But Fitzgerald’s admissions suggest that there might be more to it than previously acknowledged.

Despite significant investments aimed at addressing the root causes of migration in Central America, Fitzgerald notes a shift in the patterns of immigration, with increasing numbers of migrants arriving from countries like Venezuela. The Biden Administration’s ‘Root Causes Strategy’ appears to be failing, as new waves of migrants come from unexpected regions.

Another official from the U.S. State Department’s Consular office is caught on camera admitting that the goal is to change the demographics of the United States by selectively allowing criminals to cross the border. This isn’t just about immigration—it’s about fundamentally transforming the country’s demographic makeup, one border crossing at a time.

Fitzgerald openly acknowledges the concerns around illegal immigration, admitting that those who voice worries are “on to something.” He also concedes that there are no clear answers to the burgeoning crisis at the border. This lack of a coherent strategy has led to a situation where, according to the footage, criminals are being allowed into the U.S. daily, while law-abiding individuals remain in their home countries.

The implications of these demographic shifts are already visible in states like California and Texas, where Latinos now outnumber non-Hispanic whites. Politically, this poses a significant challenge for the Republican Party, which struggles to win elections in states undergoing such rapid demographic changes. The changing face of the electorate is seen as a deliberate attempt to influence and secure future elections, with Democrats pushing immigration bills that support this agenda.

Since Joe Biden took office, the foreign-born population in the United States has surged, adding fuel to the already heated debate over immigration policies. For critics, this footage is a smoking gun, proving that the ‘Great Replacement Theory’ isn’t just a fringe idea but a deliberate strategy being executed at the highest levels of government.


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